Tuesday, 19 July 2011

hello everyone,this is my new blog.

I deleted my previous blog just because I dont want to keep reminiscing my ugly truth history.Whatever happened in past,stay behind.So,here we go hula hula-say hello to my latest blogsite.I only want to share my happiness with my only beloved friends and family members :)

why Price Tag ? In my whole life,i been thinking about getting rich and make my own money just because I dont want to lose with anyone.I am a 'lil bit competitive ' -_-".
I been thinking materialistic and its all about money-moneyhh. Also, I am a big spender.
One day,i heard this song at the radio when i was driving back to hostel.Well,my heart seems agreed with Jessie J songs.

why is eveyone is so obsessed?
money cant buy us happiness
can we all slow down and enjoy right now
guarantee we'll be feelin' alright

so lets forget about price tag for a while and lets keep share our happiness together :)

miya adam